About Ela

IBDE: Internet Business Development for Entrepreneurs

I am a recent graduate from IBDE Web Essentials Programme offered in collabration with Selkirk College. After winning the 2012 showcase I sucessfully completed PHP and MySQL.

I worked at the University of Calgary for 30 years in the research environment and have published many Scientific Papers . I pursued my passion for creativity after designing a database and a webpage for the research laboratory that I worked for. I've learned and tried to master languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, and much more. I've also worked with two of the popular CMS (content-management systems) Wordpress and Drupal.

Recently I have been taking watercolour classes and also taking a lot of photographs that are displayed here. I also love to cook, read, knit, crochet, vegetable gardening and pursue Woodworking. I am selling my art and woodorks at Healy Heritage Art Center and Dragonfly Awareness Center in Vulcan. Recently there was an article about my Art Show in the Vulcan Advocate.

I spent ten years volunteering with the 27th Girl Guide Company with the Girl Guides of Canada, three years with Calgary Association of Self Help, and recently with the Vulcan Health Centre.

VOLUNTEERISM proves that - In every straining, there is a training; in every training, there is a learning; and in every learning, there is an earning.

To utilise my recently acquired skills I am a volunteer webmaster for Hidden Gems Film Festival and Parkdale Nifty Fifties.

You can find me at Facebook, Virtual Mall, VBDS

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